About Me


I am Deniz Sayman, guitar player and songwriter for the band The Madcap and guitar instructor. Splawn Amplication and Grossman-Audio SG-Box endorsee.

I have graduated from Hacettepe University Physics Engineering and worked for around 4 years until I realized I don’t like to work.

The first record close to Rock genre I listened was The Prodigy – Fat Of The Land. I was in primary school back then. But the Offspring – Smash was the game changer for me.
I wanted to play guitar since i listened that record and after few years I could buy my first guitar and start learning. Since that day I still practice and try to learn new things, techniques, harmony , how to use gear and getting good tone and everything about music I can. I studied with greatest Turkish guitar players as well as Jennifer Batten herself.

I worked in a professional recording studio for 6 months. Took the 2nd place in Fanta Stage song composing and performance competition in Turkey.

I hope I can inspire some people, help them and establish a great guitar player/musician community on my blog page.

– Deniz